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Urban Fossils Photography project by Yohannes Artinyan

The Idea

The project is a photographic portrait of two fossilized building complexes, realized in the summer of 2010.
I. Perperikon. A famous ancient sanctuary and oracle shrine dedicated to Dionysus, a sanctuary of the Thracians from the transition between the Stone and Bronze Age. Located in the Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria.
II. A never finished medical complex in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. A sanctuary of graffiti artists from the transition period between Communism and Democracy.
Places which history is full of sweat, blood and semen, literally and figuratively. A huge contrast in scale and importance, and at the same time a cynical similarity of the passions.
I found it interesting. Yohannes Artinyan


The ancient Thracian city of Perperikon is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, 15 km northeast of the present-day town of Kardzhali, Bulgaria, on a 470 m high rocky hill, which is thought to have been a sacred place. Perperikon is the largest megalith ensemble in the Balkans.
Human activity in the area dates back to 5000 B.C. The first traces of civilization on the hill date from the Bronze Age, while the ceramics found on the place date from the Early Iron Age, as well as the impressive round altar, almost 2 m in diameter, hewn out of the rocks. The megalith complex had been laid in ruins and reerected many times in history.
Source: Wikipedia . Google map


Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 381,110. Plovdiv's history spans some 8,000 years, with traces of a Neolithic settlement dating to roughly 6000 BC.
It is the administrative center of Plovdiv Province in southern Bulgaria. Plovdiv is the largest and most important city in Northern Thrace. The city is an important economic, transport, cultural and educational center.
Source: Wikipedia . Google map

Yohannes Artinyan / The author

Yohannes Artinyan was born on May 5, 1965, in Plovdiv. Bulgaria.
Master of Arts. He is a winner of great number of prizes for sculpture (his academic subject), architecture and web design.
He is a founder of Art Group 7+1 , which is one of the most significant art groups in Bulgarian contemporary art. He is a founder of studio for web design i-creativ .
Yohannes works in the fields of visual art and design.

Photography / Design and programming

Shooting is made with Nikon D60 camera with various lens. All images are digitally manipulated with custom made cross-processing filter.
Design and programming:
The graphic design is based on non uniform grid for thumbnails and multi-column text layout.
The navigation is alternative and is possible in three ways:

Custom programming modules in the project: text engine, dynamic random non uniform grid, custom Pixel Bender filters, transition engine, custom Photoshop filters, etc.

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Awards / Recognition

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